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Discover the record label that is independently owned, that act in the interest of its global community and artists. Guyllotine Records LLC established in 2004, drives on being diverse in all music genres, boosting creativity and dissecting the brilliance found within this art form of musical composition. As an effective record label in this forever growing industry, Guyllotine Records - GRecMediaGroup has garnished global recognition for their artists and has made an impact on the music industry respectfully.


Manifest your dreams into a reality that is seen by many or the very few select that are allowed to view your vision, eye-to-eye. The creative forces behind the illustrations, engineering and production for the artists of Guyllotine Records comes into play from the subsidiary GRecMediaGroup, in which they are boosting imagination and dismembering the splendor found inside this artistic expression of melodic organization.


Produce your entire album/mixtape, record a cover song, a demo, or even a single and unless your power onto the world. Where some may see a dying art, Guyllotine Records - GRecStudio resurrects it in a dynamic way, that gives you pauseā€¦.then react with unrestrained adoration. If you are looking for a place to record, where you can explore your lyrica range and discover your influence, our studio production can help you specialize in your expression.


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